Melted Butter 焦牛油液

Ingredients | 材料 :
Unsalted butter per recipe | 無鹽牛油 需要份量

Steps | 做法:

  1. 將牛油放入鍋中加熱,輕輕搖動直至氣泡變成褐色,關火。
  2. 將鍋子放到盛了水的平底鍋內冷卻,牛油液變得混濁,顏色接近棕色便成,備用。

  1. Place butter into a pot, shake lightly while heating up until bubbles turn brown, off fire.
  2. Put pot into a basin with cold water to chill it down until its color turns brown. Set aside for use.

Tips / 心得 :

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