White Sauce 基本白醬

White sauce can be used in pies and pasta!


  • Yield: 1 portion (480g) White Sauce | 1份白汁
    (Good for Two 8″ pie sauce | 2個8″批用汁份量)

40g  Cake flour (or All Purpose Flour) | 低根麵粉 (或麵粉)
40g  Butter | 牛油
1 cup (225g) Whipping cream | 淡忌廉
1 cup (225g) Whole Milk | 鮮奶
1/2 teaspoon Salt | 鹽 1/2茶匙

Steps | 做法 :

  1. 鮮奶和淡忌廉倒入量杯,拌勻待用。
  2. 鍋中融化牛油,慢慢加入麵粉拌炒勻,直至成糊狀,分次加入調勻之淡忌廉和鮮奶以小火炒拌勻至滑身,過程中要持續攪拌以防止黏鍋,待冒泡便離火,加鹽調味,待用。

  1. Mix milk and whipping cream in a measuring cup.
  2. Heat a sauce pan on low heat, melt butter until dissolved, add flour gradually, use a wooden spoon spatula and stir, mix well, add milk mixture in portions, keep stirring using the wooden spoon spatula until completely mixed and bubbles occur. Off heat, add salt and mix well. Set aside for use.

Tips / 心得 :

  • 白醬適合做海鮮或蔬菜類的醬汁,一次做1個份量,留起用剩的放冷凍保存,下次用時退冰,方便隨時使用。
  • White sauce is an ideal sauce for seafood and veggie. Prepare 1 portion in one time and chill unused portion in the fridge for use next time, defrost before use.

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