Pumpkin and Cheese Triangles 南瓜芝士三角

For vegetarians and/or chili lovers!
素食者愛外脆內軟 !

Pumpkin and Cheese Triangles 南瓜芝士三角 自家烘焙 食譜 home baking recipes

Ingredients | 材料 :

  • Yield: 6 numbers | 6 件

125g  Bread flour | 高根麵粉
10g  Sugar | 糖
2g  Salt | 鹽
3g  Yeast | 酵母 (依士)
55g  Warm water | 暖水
25g  Milk | 鮮奶 (室溫)

10g  Unsalted butter | 無鹽牛油 (室溫,後下)

for bread top | 包面用 :
handful shredded cheese | 芝士碎
1 pc  Red chili, unseeded, chopped | 1只紅辣椒,除籽,切碎

Filling | 餡料 :
2 slices Cheese, any kind hard cheese | 芝士2片
1/4 pcs Onion, chopped | 洋蔥,切碎
20g  Steamed pumpkin | 蒸熟南瓜

Steps | 做法 :

  1. 基本麵糰搓揉及第一次發酵方法,參照基本麵糰製作
  2. 洋蔥可以略炒至半熟。
  3. 將發酵完成的麵糰分成2個等份,鬆弛10分鐘。
  4. 擀開麵糰成長方形, 反轉麵糰,把餡料放在麵糰上,對摺,封口,切成3個三角形,共6個。
  5. 放在已塗油的焗盤,焗盤中放入一杯熱水,蓋上保鮮紙(或大膠袋內)放溫暖地方,作最後發酵約30分鐘至1倍大。
  6. 包面放芝士碎,放入已預熱至210°C的焗爐內,烘焗約12分鐘取出。
  1. Basic dough kneading and first fermentation, please refer to Making Basic Dough.
  2. May choose to pan fry chopped onion until half done.
  3. Divide the fermented dough into 2 portions, let rest for 10 minutes.
  4. Roll out the dough into rectangular shape. Reverse the rolled-out dough. Put fillings on the dough, fold half and seal the edge. Cut into 3 triangles. Do the rest and make a total of 6.
  5. Place on baking tray with baking parchment, put also a glass of hot water on the tray, cover it with plastic wrap (or a large plastic bag), for final fermentation in room temperature around 30°C for about 30 minutes until double its size.
  6. Sprinkle shredded cheese on bread top and bake in 210°C preheated oven for about 12 minutes. Remove from oven.

Tips | 心得 :

  • 增加食味可以加些半硬芝士混合一起焗。
  • Can mix semi hard cheese to add flavor.



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